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We try and keep things “real” in our approach to helping clients reach their fitness goals. It’s not our job to simply tell people what they should do and hope they do it but to help them create the kind of lifestyle they desire and can realistically sustain, day after day.


My name is John Abrams. I grew up in a small town and eventually got a degree in nutrition and my masters in sports psychology. During that time I was taught do things a certain way and hit my own plateaus. It was a constant struggle.

When I started CapacityX I was on a mission to deliver supplements that get amazing results and, more importantly, I wanted to get rid of the BS I had seen and even tried myself for so many years.


Nate L.

Professional Weight


“John really knows his stuff. Not just the physical things, but the nutrition and mental part of it that you have to conquer in order to achieve optimal results. He has mastered how to adapt a plan to your personal goals and how to overcome the sustainability challenge without feeling like you're making a sacrifice. ”

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